Bruchsal Palace

Bruchsal Palace (Schloss Bruchsal) is one of the most majestic prince-bishop’s residences in Germany. It is famous for its opulent staircase, constructed by Balthasar Neumann, known as the “crown jewel of all Baroque staircases”.


Bruchsal Palace, staircaseThe staircaseA staircase with a hole in the middle
The staircase - A staircase with a hole in the middle
Schloss Bruchsal, Ausschnitt aus einer Tapisserie im JagdzimmerThe tapestriesWoven art from France
The tapestries - Woven art from France
Bruchsal Palace, Ceiling painting in the Domed HallThe ceiling frescoThe Prince-Bishop commissioned buildings
The ceiling fresco - The Prince-Bishop commissioned buildings
Schloss Bruchsal, Innen, MarmorsaalThe ballroomsParty like the princes
The ballrooms - Party like the princes